Personal Office Assessment

Is pain and discomfort keeping you from performing at your best? We offer a Personal Office Assessment to get to the root of the problem with customized solutions.

What We Do

– In-Home and Remote Personal Office Assessments Available
– Reduce Pain and Stiffness
– Enhance Posture
– Improve Productivity
– Assistance with Purchasing Ergonomic Equipment

Our Approach

With more people working from home than ever before, there is a growing need for proper home-office setups. If you are experiencing discomfort while working from home, we can help. We offer two solutions for home-office ergonomics. Our Remote Ergonomics Assessment option is perfect for those who are at the computer for a few hours throughout the day and need an overview of proper ergonomics, posture, and workstation setup. Our In-Home Assessment is best for those who are working or learning from home more than 4 hours a day. This provides a thorough evaluation with a customized action plan to improve comfort while at your home workstation. The action plan includes customized exercises, on-site workstation adjustments when feasible, and, if necessary, assistance with purchasing recommended ergonomic equipment. 

Our Experience

With over 10 years of experience in ergonomics, we have helped numerous clients across a variety of industries achieve their ergonomic goals. Our expertise ranges from home office environments to manufacturing facilities.


In-Home Ergonomic Solutions | $375

We come to your home to assess and observe and develop a successful solution for discomfort or stiffness while working or studying from home. 

Virtual Ergonomic Solutions | $199

During your virtual ergonomic assessment, we will observe and develop solutions for a pain-free working environment. Get help in a click with Ergonomic Doc.

1. Analyze

  • Assess Workstation
  • Observe Work Habits
  • Evaluate Client’s Concerns
  • Perform Posture Assessment
  • Examination of Muscles and Joints

2. Performance Plan

  • Enhancing Posture Positioning
  • Customize Ergonomic Exercise Instructions
  • Improve Posture Positioning
  • Provide Equipment Options
  • Assist with Equipment Purchasing
  • Provide a Letter of Medical Necessity for HSA or FSA Reimbursement

3. Follow Up

 30-day email/virtual follow-up to assess progression 

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Signs of An Inadequate Workspace

Are you in pain and discomfort at your home office? Ask for a Free Consultation and set up a personal office assessment with the ErgonomicsDoc.

Wrist Pain

Are your wrists always feeling strained or sore? We can help with that!

In need of a personal office assessment? Working from home and experiencing neck and shoulder pain?

Neck and Shoulder Strain

Are you waking up with neck and shoulder pain and experiencing it throughout your work day?

We have solutions that work! CALL TODAY!

Do you need a personal office assessment? Are you experiencing back pain and discomfort?

Back Pain

Pain in your lower back?
We will provide you with a full assessment of your workspace and habits to recommend the equipment, office furniture, and adjustments you need to perform at your best.